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Developing Capability and Confidence for Strategic Foresight, Exponential Innovation and Design Thinking

Logical, linear, analytical and sequential thinking has been instrumental in business success in the past. The past has largely been about replicating prior period successes into a relatively similar and predictable future. Most business education around the world has also focused on these. However, the future we are now heading into is going to be significantly different from the past that we have come from. It is going to be more uncertain, unpredictable and exponential, resulting in exponential opportunities and exponential organizations. While logical, linear, analytical and sequential thinking will continue to be required it will not be sufficient to thrive in the future. Individuals and organizations will also need to 

  • Develop the capability to identify the underlying drivers of exponential change and develop Strategic Foresight;

  • Aim for exponential outcomes and Innovation; and

  • Adopt a non-linear, intuitive, empathetic and creative approach viz Design Thinking to succeed in this uncertain  future.

Design Thinking has been recognized the world over as an important part of managers' skills and capabilities to successfully harness the power of non-linear, creative and empathetic approaches to business problems. Research done by the Design Management Institute in Boston on the Design Value Index has shown that organizations with a strong Design Thinking consciousness have generated returns, which are 211% higher than that of the S&P 500 over a period of 10 years. (Design Value Index, Jeneanne Rae, Design Management Review, 2016). These are companies such as Apple, Google, IBM, SAP, Nike, Target, P&G, Coca Cola and so on. Similarly “The Value of Design Factfinder Report” (Design Council, U.K., 2007) concluded that Design led businesses created 200% higher returns as compared to the FTSE 100 over a period of 10 years.

The workshop is for Board Members, CEOs, CXOs, Business and Functional Heads; Entrepreneurs; Heads and Scions of Family Businesses; Heads of Private Equity Funds, Investment Banks and Mutual Funds; and Business Leaders who play decisive roles in leading their businesses into the future.

Leaders across sectors including Materials, Manufacturing, Services, Information Technology, Education, Banking & Financial services, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, Real Estate, Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Insurance, Credit cards and so on will find this workshop extremely useful to navigate the future.


  • How to develop Strategic Foresight

  • How to Innovate in the Exponential era

  • How to practice and apply Design Thinking to business problems