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Block Chain – A hands on course to master the next generation technology

As per experts, BlockChain is the most fascinating and disruptive invention since the Internet itself.

Not heard of it yet? You are in high alert zone. As per a recent survey conducted at IBM, 65% organizations said they are likely to implement a commercial BlockChain solution at scale in next 3 years or less. While many are still sceptical about its adaptability the trailblazers already have their running applications in production by 2017. As per January 2018, around 115 start-ups worldwide with over 2,000 employees are active in the development of BlockChain technology platforms working on different use cases in Finance, Insurance, Travel and Supply-Chain domains.

Though now the focus is more on financial sector but soon other industries are going to adopt this magic. BlockChain is the latest global revolution that’s going to change the world in next couple of years does not matter what our role and aspirations are it’s going to affect us. So better fasten your seatbelt and get ready to take off this wonderful journey with me.