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Government has destroyed objective of Lokpal, says AAP member Prashant Bhushan

21 February 2014
Daily News & Analysis

The government has destroyed the objective of Jan Lokpal by not providing independent machinery to it, Aam Aadmi Party member Prasahnt Bhushan said.

"There are several things in the government's Lokpal which are useful. But the soul of the Jan Lokpal is taken away when you don't provide them with an independent investigation machinery," Bhushan said.

"When you force them to rely on government controlled machinery, then you have virtually destroyed the objective of Jan Lokpal," he added.

Bhushan was speaking at a seminar - Fighting Corruption: Effective Corruption Eradicating Strategies - organised by Jindal School of Government and Public Policiey Thursday.

Parliament in December passed the Lokpal Bill which talks about setting up an ombudsman to fight corruption.